Paul Simpson, MD

Professor Emeritus

I am a clinical cardiologist at the San Francisco VA Medical Center treating inpatients and outpatients with heart disease since 1978. I also direct a lab at the VA, with a main goal to discover new drugs to treat heart failure, a major problem in cardiology. The lab has pursued initial findings from the early 1980s to the present, identifying a subclass of receptors for adrenaline as potential targets for a heart failure drug. Efforts in the lab are directed to this new drug, as well as discovering novel aspects of the class of adrenaline receptors. The lab has been funded continuously by the NIH and the VA, with additional important contribution from the AHA.

Clinical Fellow, 1977 - Cardiology, Mass General Hospital
Resident, 1975 - Medicine, University of California
Research Fellow, 1974 - Neurobiology, NIH, NHLBI
Resident, 1972 - Medicine, Mass General Hospital
MD, 1970 - Medicine, Washington Univ School of Medicine
BS, 1966 - Biology & Psychology, Davidson College
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