SFVA General Cardiology Clinic

The general cardiology clinic at the SFVAMC provides services for the San Francisco Health Care System which extends from South San Francisco to the California Oregon border.

With a recent increase in our attending staff we can offer 3500-4000 visits/year at the clinic in SFVAMC. Video-telecommunication visits are also available pending the nature of the cardiac diagnosis, and e-consults between the primary care provider and the cardiologist are make for quick recommendations after diagnostic testing. Both the video-telecommunications and the e-consult provide guideline cardiology care to the patient without the inconvenience of travel and  a face to face clinic visit. Access to the cardiology clinic is through an electronic consult requested by the primary care provider, the emergency room provider, or any medical or surgical sub-specialties.  The clinic is staffed by cardiologists with expertise in coronary artery disease, coronary interventions, structural heart disease, cardiac valve disorders, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, and resistent hypertension.  UCSF cardiology fellows and NPs are involved with the care in the clinic and all patients are staffed with a cardiologist. In addition to the general cardiology clinic, we provide cardiology sub-specialty clinics such as congestive heart failure, arrhythmia clinic and women’s cardiology clinic.

Nurse Practitioners

This clinic has two excellent NPs: Linda Ho and Robert Malloy.  Linda Ho has been an NP at the SFVAMC for 30 years and has worked with the cardiology clinic part-time for last 14 years. 

Her major clinical interest is hypertension; she gained expertise in this area working with Dr. Barry Massie. In addition to clinic visits, she helps screen and triage the consult referrals.  Linda plays a major role with both the video-telecommunications visits and telephone consults; she assesses the symptoms on a V-tel or phone visit, refers patient for urgent care or a routine cardiology clinic visit, and arranges other diagnostic tests, if needed, at the time of the clinic visit.  Streamlining patient care is extremely helpful for patients who live a significant distance from SFVAMC.

Robert Malloy has been an NP since 2011, working at the Oakland VA clinic in urgent care prior to transferring to the cardiology clinic at SFVAMC in May 2017.  His major interest is preventive care and spends time at each visit encouraging changes in lifestyle. Robert has worked on several Quality Care Improvement projects which address the efficiency of patient care delivery in a clinic setting. In addition to many face to face clinic visits, he is also involved with video-telecommunication visits.

PACT Cardiology Team

The cardiology clinic is fortunate to have three dedicated, hard-working nurses as part of our PACT team—Frances Wu RN, Lydia Wu RN, and Erwin Supremo LVN. 

They are busy managing patient-flow during the clinic and in off-clinic hours serve as a bridge between the patient and their cardiology provider.  These nurses are often the patient’s initial contact with cardiology when they call to arrange the clinic appointment.

The cardiology clinic is very aware and active in minimizing face to face visits and arranging telephone follow-up visits when appropriate. We appreciate the time and inconvenience for the travel required to come to SFVAMC and stride to deliver the best care possible.